Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Important Steps to Navigate QuickBooks Quickly

QuickBooks is the most suitable option for a small and medium sized business that offers several version designers to suit accounting requirements and demands of the business. QB is very simple to begin, easy to use and offer online technical support for any error. With the help of navigation, users observe the sites easily and maintain the compatibility with the business.  This navigation process is very helpful for you where you can find everything you need to use QuickBooks. QB helps you to create receipts and invoices and see customer details. Here, you can call QuickBooks support phone number 1-888-817-0312 to get best technical support or you can follow some important steps explained below: -

Stay on Your Dashboard-

After login into QB, you will see whole your dashboard. It will display whole overview of your business how your business is growing. And the location of your dashboard in the navigation bar is the first left. Just by clicking on the dashboard, you can read information about your business. Dashboards inform the most important information that is very necessary for any users.

Create Your First Invoices- To create first invoice in QB, you can follow below steps: -

  • ·         Initially, you click on Invoices tab and click on blue button new invoice.
  • ·         You must enter all complete details of the customer for whom you are going to create invoices and now you should click on save a customer, this saved client will display in a drop down menu and will autofill if chosen when you create invoices.
  • ·         You need to enter all the details of your product and prices and select the tax percentage you want to exclude or include.
  • ·         Add more products if you want.
  • ·         Add any special condition like payment on delivery in the terms box.
  • ·         Click on Save option, if it is ready to send if the invoice is incomplete save in the draft but make double check on your accounts before you scroll up and click “save” button.

Adding With Plus Menu- With the help of Plus menu, you can add more new things: -

  • ·         You can create customer
  • ·         Add transactions
  • ·         Vendor
  • ·         Sales receipt or Invoices

With the help of plus menu, you can create estimates in QB, manage your pay bills and just by scheduling, you can save time and send invoices automatically.

Use Search Bar-

You should click on the search button, you can find out easily cheque number, amount or date. 

Left Navigation Bar-

Under the navigation bar, QB has a lot of good stuff. You can see your client’s reports clearly. Plus, you can see your products that you are going to sell for your business and can see so many reports to review. 

Reports: - Reports are available on the left option which is below on invoices, you can click on to see reports on QB.

Thus just by following all above discussed steps help you to navigate in QB. Still, if you have any questions or confusions, you can call at QuickBooks support phone number to get online technical support from certified technical experts.

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